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On August 8, 1944 five persons of faith and vision organized the Mozart Baptist Church at 114 North Mozart Street; they were Rev.  & Mrs. Henry McCrory, Mrs. Dora Olief, Mrs. Willa Mae Taylor and Mrs. Henrietta Harrison. In 1970 the congregation relocated its operation to the edifice of the First Congregation Church of Chicago under the pastorate of Dr. Arthur D. Griffin, former president of the Church Federation of Greater Chicago. In 1971 the congregation was officially affiliated with the Illinois Conference of the United Church of Christ and changed its name to FIRST CONGREGATIONAL BAPTIST CHURCH OF CHICAGO; because of denominational purposes that name was changed to FIRST BAPTIST CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH OF CHICAGO in 1977.

Ordinance passed by the City Council, January 21, 1982 designating First Baptist Congregational Church as a “Chicago Landmark”.


Dr. Arthur D. Griffin served the congregation faithfully for forty six years and retired in March of 2003 with a “46 year Retirement Celebration”.  Pastor George W. Daniels succeeded him being elected in March 2003 and installed as Senior Pastor on October 26, 2003.

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