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Who We Are


At First Baptist Congregational, our doors are open to every soul seeking to welcome Jesus Christ into their hearts. We foster a community where we teach individuals to show their love for The Lord and for one another through evangelism, worship, and community service. Members of our congregation are those who build relationships with our family through worship services, community groups, volunteer/outreach activities, and Christian education. We teach the doctrine of the Holy Bible and invite you to open your hearts and allow His grace to penetrate your heart, mind, and soul. Pop in today and join our community. We welcome all individuals seeking God’s love.


More Than Just a Building

First Baptist Congregational Church is a congregation devoted to developing a holy consciousness. We believe that worship is an expression in everything we do, whether that be nourishing our bodies with food, chatting with friends, playing music, or enjoying nature, etc. Our faith is deeply rooted in the Holy Scriptures. Whatever your age, gender, or race, there is a special place for you at First Baptist Congregational Church. We offer you a chance to become part of something greater – the Kingdom of God, to grow your love for God, and for each other in our beautiful community. Get in touch today or swing by for a visit.

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